Our Team

InCharge System’s management team includes recognized industry experts, and represents an excellent blend of skills, including next generation telecommunications and Internet system architecture, extensive knowledge of VoIP telephony relating to call routing and significant corporate and operational expertise.

Members of the team include:

Andrew Gallant – VP – Applications Architecture.  Andy is a consultant in applications in identity management and telephone number authentication, with more than thirty years of industry experience that includes DNS applications, mobile satellite communications, and international standards. He is the co-author of several patents, has worked for Neustar, Comsat, GEIS, SBS, and Booz Allen Hamilton, and has consulted for Inmarsat, UltraDNS, and the ITU TSB.

Carl Ford is VP – Strategic Development.  His career includes 25 years with telecommunications companies such as Telcordia and Verizon where he worked on both product and business development.

Mike Hamilton is President and co-founder.  Mike oversees ICS’ growth and Intellectual Property.

Wilhelm (Willi) Wimmreuter acts as Vice President – International Operations. Willi is a recognized IP telephony technology expert. He is the founder of Systems Consulting in Communication Technology and his professional career includes over 29 years in various positions with the Communication Group of Siemens AG. His current focus is Internet based architecture, network and business design for VoIP and related services. This includes network convergence and the development and verification of sustainable business cases that evolve with the ongoing migration and shift of paradigms. His affiliations also include Real-Time-Web research Projects at the Illinois Institute of Technology.