ICS Files Signing and Validation Comments

Recently, the FCC's Technology Transitions Policy Task Force issued a public notice seeking input on a number of issues generally related to the ongoing transition away from TDM to all IP-networks.   From the public notice, this:  "The Commission has a long history of using trials and pilot programs to help answer questions regarding technical concerns and to gather data and develop appropriate policy recommendations.  In the spirit of these prior initiatives, we seek comment on a set of potential trials to assist the Commission in ensuring that policy decisions related to ongoing technology transitions are grounded in sound data."   More specifically, the FCC said this: " We seek comment on a VoIP interconnection trial that would gather data to determine whether there are technical issues that need to be addressed and gather information relevant to the appropriate policy framework."   InCharge Systems (ICS) answered the call.  ICS proposes that signing and validation related to phone numbers should be part of these trials.  Further, ICS proposed that, at a minimum, a single neutral entity should initially operate a database for proposed trials of signing and validation, the database should store the E.164 phone numbers to be used in the trials along with the public certificates associated with those numbers, and that the database is web-accessible.   Please have a look at our filing provided with this post or contact us for further discussion.  
Jul 5, 2013 by