InCharge Files Numbering Testbed Comments

As InCharge Systems has noted previously, signing and validation can support solutions for problems affecting consumer protection and public safety such as spoofing Caller ID. Accordingly, ICS offers the following suggestions:
  • The numbering testbed should include, as a research and development topic, ways in which trust references for telephone number-related digital certificates can be incorporated into numbering databases;
  • Signing and validation related to the use of telephone numbers should be included in a service-based experiment at the appropriate time; and
  • Since progress on signing and validation will give rise to operational, policy, and consumer issues and concerns, in addition to technical issues, there should be a data collection effort to identify and assess such issues.
Many aspects of technology to support signing and validation are widely understood, while others are subject to active work. However, work to implement, deploy, and operate such functions is still in very early stages. FCC_14-5_Reply_Comments_Incharge_Systems-20140220(2)
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