InCharge Files Spoofing Caller ID Comments

Surprisingly, ICS appears to be the only commenter to emphasize the need for an authoritative database containing validation references for phone numbers or to suggest starting a signing and validation trial now. Recently, the FCC's Technology Transitions Policy Task Force issued a public notice seeking additional input on a number of issues generally related to the ongoing transition away from TDM to all IP-networks.  They said, despite the recently authorized 6-month trial providing interconnected VoIP providers direct access to numbers, that trial would not specifically examine changes in the structure of current numbering databases. To the point, the Commission asked this: “Should there be a trial database that provides access to number-related information such as caller-ID information?”  ICS said yes with our original comments and we say yes again.  ICS  believes this proceeding does indeed offer the Commission an opportunity to “take a fresh look at the features, capabilities, and security of numbering related databases” and begin to address issues related to spoofing Caller ID. Please have a look at our filing provided with this post or contact us for further discussion.
Aug 19, 2013 by