InCharge Systems files phantom traffic and call signaling comments

Excerpts: As new technologies emerge and the number of possible call flow route permutations increase, phantom traffic disputes will logically continue to grow. A standard mechanism/marker that could be verified by intermediate carriers, many times the third or fourth carrier in the chain, could be extremely beneficial. ICS believes resolving standards issues needs to be done first to avoid problems associated with altered or manipulated or missing signaling data.  Until carriers, VoIP providers and equipment manufacturers agree on the relevant data and how it is exchanged, compliance efforts will have diminished utility..... We generally agree with Verizon and others who suggest it makes little sense for providers to make extensive new investments in old signaling technology and facilities given the transition away from these technologies. Full switch replacement for the sole purpose of compliance with the new signaling rules presents an extreme burden. By the same token, ICS agrees with the National Exchange Carrier Association (NECA) and its co-petitioners who suggest, given time to implement, it would not appear to be unduly burdensome to reprogram legacy switches to include a valid CN for originating traffic.
Feb 23, 2012 by