WebRTC a new use case for ACerted Trust™ ?

InCharge Systems™ discussed Real-Time-Communications-On the-Web (WebRTC) at the "WebRTC Conference 2012" in Paris. The session Privacy, Security and Regulatory Considerations for WebRTC hosted by InCharge Systems™ briefly discussed the following challenges and opportunities for WebRTC:
  • re-use of web-based privacy and security methods,
  • re-use of identities such as phone numbers and other identifiers
  • Regulatory challenges for WebRTC as a public communication service.
In summary the session concluded that security shall leverage Web-based methods and re-use existing authentication and security methods as far as possible. Operators shall not burden users with many different credentials identities and authentication methods. The industry must make handling and lifetime-management for credentials as easy as possible. One of the major problems in this context is that service providers rarely accept trust from competing services providers. Regulators shall not re-enforce PSTN paradigms to the utmost extent. We must simplify the enforcement. This can solve current issues like Trust-in-Caller-ID or Phantom-Traffic etc. Most legacy regulations are hard to overcome and some of them are outdated anyway. This is a Historic Chance to Re-base! Enforcement of mutual acceptance of third party authentication and user chosen identities such as phone numbers or Emails might be a big step towards a solution. Please have a look at the slides provided with this post or contact us for further discussion of this challenging topic.
Oct 15, 2012 by