Solution – ACerted Trust

As the communication industry transitions from a "trust by wire" network to one of "trust by authentication" on an open platform, a need has developed for network independent user validation. ACerted Trust leverages the ubiquity of a telephone number with InCharge System's patented and patent-pending security solution to create a unifying platform of trust. ACerted Trust serves as a network independent certification authority to the Internet communications market, providing IETF standards- based secure authentication, and supporting user privacy. This "trust glue" supports the transition for "trust by wire" to "trust by authentication" by creating an E.164-based network independent digital ID. ACerted Trust offers authentication, validation and provisioning services for the global name space of telephone numbers, including the back office functions of provisioning and auditing, and the real time services of signing and validation. By doing so, ACerted Trust reduces costly provisioning, management, and auditing tasks by digitally signing communications, allowing secure authentication of the originator, and the associated billing assertions, while supporting end-to-end privacy.